Welcome to GLOBAL World!

The Global World is a forum for discussion and dissemination of all aspects of computational methods to find global optimal solutions to nonconvex nonlinear optimization problems.

Recently, general purpose global solution algorithms have been implemented and have matured into reliable solution systems that can be connected to modeling systems. These new developments make the application of nonlinear global optimization methods available to users outside the narrow global research community.

General purpose global nonlinear optimization is a new field and much work needs to be done to test the capabilities and robustness on real world models. We are interested in practical software (see GLOBAL Solvers) and an ever growing, well maintained library of academic and practical client test problems in the GLOBAL Library. Communication is supported by maintaining the Gams World Forum server and related links.

Key to validity of scientific results in testing is the reproducibility of numerical experiments. In our Numerical Experiments section we provide a list of publications with reproducible results. We show how published numerical results are reproduced, giving step-by-step instructions. We provide links to the models used, as well as scripts to run the actual experiments.

For other specialized topics in the area of mathematical programming consult the GAMS World.

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